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Crafting the Future of Gaming

Unleashing unparalleled gaming experiences with innovation at every level.

Versatile Gaming Wizards

From enchanting worlds for kids to thrilling casino action, our games captivate all

Cutting-Edge Game Crafters

Mastering real-time updates, top-notch security, and scalable multiplayer adventures
We are independent game studio based in Belgrade (Serbia), driven by the passion to create cool and challenging games that set new benchmarks. Specializing in mobile gaming and apps, our expertise spans across diverse genres—from enchanting games for children to complex sports simulations and racing car adventures. Leveraging Unity and JavaScript technologies for mobile and Web development and bringing your boldest visions to life, our team is your gateway to a world where games go beyond entertainment, underpinned by robust security, seamless scalability, and dynamic real-time interactions

Our Expertise Simplified

Our strength lies in creating comprehensive gaming solutions. With a focus on the latest technological trends, we excel in physics simulations, car racing dynamics, competitive sports games, intricate game economies, and engaging multiplayer experiences. As an independent studio, we pride ourselves on nurturing a positive working environment where fun meets challenge. Looking ahead, our goal is clear—to grow and create successful games, independently or alongside our esteemed clients, making every collaboration a journey worth embarking on. Read more

Enterprise-Level Solutions

With a solid track record in developing sophisticated enterprise solutions, our team possesses the know-how to handle complex projects that involve both mobile and web user interfaces, coupled with robust backend architectures in various server environments. Our expertise extends to the latest cloud solutions, ensuring scalable, secure, and efficient implementations. While our current passion lies in pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming, our foundational expertise ensures we bring the best practices of enterprise development to every software we create. Read more